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Baby Names We Love & Might Be Using

I don't know what it is about baby names, but every time I see a post or video about it I get completely sucked in. I have kept a list of my favorite names nice since childhood, which I used to name every single one of my dolls or toys; and while that list has changed over the years of course, I can still vividly remember every doll's name and what inspired me to name them that.

Now that Mitch and I are preparing to grow our family, we have been talking in great lengths about baby names, and we have compiled our list of 25 top names. We started by each making our own list of favorite boy and girl names, and upon comparing lists we found that we had a lot of the same boy names, so compiling that list was no problem. For girls however, we had no coinciding names, so girl names have been a hot topic of conversation in our household recently; And we finally have a list! We are pretty set on which names we want to use (they are in this list!), and I figured I would share our entire list with you in case you are looking for some ideas, or you are simply like me and love baby names in general.

Our Top 25 Girl Names

Addison Amelia Audrey

Camila Charlotte Cove Dallas Eleanor Emma

Gabriela Georgia Grace Haven

Leighton Lilah Lucy Marie Nova

Paisley Payton Rose Sadie

Valery Victoria Vienna

Our Top 25 Boy Names

Anderson Archer Austin Avery

Carter Chase Cohen Elliot Emmet Gavin Greyson

Harrison Harvey Henry Hunter

Jace Landon Lawson Nash Remi Roy

Sawyer Weston William Wyatt

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